Learning to Code

What It’s used for

In the modern world, with some exceptions we expect most people to be computer literate and meet a certain degree of proficiency in a working environment. Before it was excel, when I was applying for jobs as a young man, being able to prove my Word and Excel skills was a given. Imagine having to learn how to use a VLOOKUP to get a job.

These days for those who want to work in any office type position I think a level of understanding code gives you a great advantage. All companies are online now so understanding how things work in that respect should be paramount for people. Coding isn’t just for developers now.

Isn’t it complicated?#

Nope. Sure to be a great developer requires time, dedication and skill. But to be able to understand generally how things work is far from hard. Let’s say we work for a company that sells things online. Wouldn’t having a basic understanding of how your front end and back end systems talk to each other be useful? I don’t mean be able to write code to make changes or customise things but just being able to grasp the basic concepts.

These days many companies offer excel training in house, and hire professionals to come and train you, how long before thats basic Python, or Javascript?

What languages are easiest?#

Pick up Python. Biased as it’s what I use! But it’s simple, powerful and very easy to read.