About me


I love to solve problems. More specifically, I love to solve problems using code. Using it for automation, helping people be more productive or just creating some useful.


I started coding young but it never really stuck. Too busy with other things I guess. Later in life I knew it would help me and free me, let me do what it was that I wanted to do so putting in the time became easier. At first, I was sure I wanted to be a developer but after spending time around that environment I didn’t think it was for me. But I still loved to code, so I made it my goal to use it to help in my day job.

I wrote myself scripts to perform my daily tasks and took opportunities to solve problems for the company saving money. I was lucky to be encouraged and rewarded for this, and I grew from there.

The Now#

I still write code to help people in the day jobs! I help with reporting, data extraction and automation, and even a little analysis. I also create YouTube videos and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I never thought I was good at teaching but I am happy to say I have people telling me that I have helped them, with one line of code or a whole concept, it doesn’t matter!

John WR